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About Us

Who we are

BABARI SHIPPING has established itself as one of the leading Ship Chandlers and the most reputed ship suppliers located at Jamnagar - Gujarat , India and provide all the sercives related to ship supplies and marine industries. We supply Provisions, Bond stores and Ship stores to the vessels calling at all Indian ports. in port, whether it is at berth, inner anchorages or outer anchorage limits as permitted by Port Authorities. we deliver at your time at any Indian Port, you just name it and we will get it.

  • We have our own warehouse for Dry Provision and cold storage for all kind of Meats.
  • We are specialized in Mutton, Chicken, Fish & all kind of Sea food.
  • We supply Fresh Fruits and Fresh Vegetable directly from the Farm to enable our customers to experience and stock it for several days.

Best of all, at Babari Shipping you have one point of contact for all Ports of India available 24/7 for the Provision / Ship stores , where everything is ready at competitive prices.

At Babari Shipping We work tirelessly to ensure that you get the agreed quality level of best products at the best prices. We make sure too that you are provided with nutritious and healty Provision supplies. That will keep your crew fit and fresh.

We have the know-how and system in place to take over the entier procurement and supply process. so there is no need to waste time and money on additional assistance. With Babari Shipping you significantly reduce your costs for Provisions. At Babari we provide expert care to each ship and crew and want to be recognized for making our customers life better.

Now a days in tough competition we believe in :

  • Business ethics, and therefore face competition with ethical practices.
  • Trust, responsibility, reliability and honesty.
  • Best Quality is the milestone of our business. We are committed to provide quality services at very economical rates.
  • Our Purchaser officers are very experienced to check the quality of Fruits, Vegetables, Sea Foods and all provision items.

Babari Shipping has strategic partnerships with leading manufacturers,suppliers and service providers. The essence of our competitive service is a well-balanced synergy between purchase and sales.

We take care of your orders in a Fast and Efficient way Offering you priority at your satisfaction, consequently your ship's crew can enjoy real good quality products. We believe in Fast Services and being responsive to our customers until we finished the work.

Provisions / Stores Delivery to Ships

We take maximum care during supply of Provision / Stores.where we leave our competitors far behind. Our track record of delivering Provision / Bond stores & Ship stores IN TIME is very good. and our sales representative is with you throughout delivery process making sure you get everything you have ordered and that you receive quality products.


The packing & coding of the Provisions / Ship stores is very important. The unique coding method we use becomes easy for the ship's staff for identifying the Provision order list and Ship stores list, it is very useful to save the time for ships. All the Provision Items and Ship Stores supplied through our own vehicles.

Strengths of the Babari Ship Supply

  • We got the Expertise and understand the importance of cost efficiency and quality
  • Excellent selection and wide assortment of products
  • Specific knowledge of Indian markets Different religions and ethnic customs
  • Strong purchasing power
  • Large own storage capacity
  • strong network of Indian business partners
  • On-time quality service

Provide Best Services

Impossible says BABARI is Possible